Chinese to English / English to Chinese translation service.
Yiqi Translation Services is the freelance translation office of J. Edward
Brown, specializing in accurate, high quality Chinese to English
translations performed exclusively by a native
English speaker. translations into native, natural English Yiqi Translations Services
hopes to meet the demands of clients and agencies
faced with a lack of qualified, professional, native English-speaking Chinese to
English translators. I translate only from Chinese, my language of daily use,
into English, my mother tongue. multilingual and multicultural
As a native English speaker settled in Northeastern China, I have rare access
to the usage and culture of the language I translate from. Professional
translation is not a simple academic exercise and requires a linguistic
and cultural understanding of both the target and source languages.
Extended residence in China and America ensures the accuracy and
readability of my translations.

If you need translation services,please do not hesitate to contact us today, we will offer you
a very good price that you can not find on the translation market...


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